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let's see?.i sent my check off to the stroke network Clap-Hands.gif found out i've get a bad reaction to red die#40(no more ice tea mix) sad.gif i would get these spiting headaches&as well you all would imagin i'd freak out,but they would only be on the left side of my head???,then the apifany....DUH!! stroke brain damage right side dead more or less,so....lifes grand,had fun this weekend went to see an old band call it quits,saw a lot of old faces.some sweaty kid came up to me& said

q) weren't you in chole?


kid) "i miss you guys youz were beutiful" lol_2.gif

i talked to my old drummer,he said yeah i get a lot of that too 15 years later!,i always want to rub it in see ya shouldn't have quit( with the other guitar player)these thing take time to grow,we still might have been the biggest fish in the pond,but it would have been our pond!,oh...well it's over what was,weird i get a lot of gulty people arould me or i would say people of little faith& time marches on hard to beleve it's been 15 YEARS!!! what to do?? blog,blog,blog beer.gif


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