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Ding dong, the tooth is gone



Today, the periodontist pulled the old 'dead' tooth and put a bonegraft in. He was very nice and warned me of everything that was to happen. He deadened me up quite a lot( I warned him that I'm a wuss). The deadening is gone now, and I took a Motrin 800mg for the throbbing. As I had infection in the root, he prescribed amoxocillan(mold) and he also gave a script for Hydrocodone...but I don't 'do well' with codene so probably won't take that unless I'm totally desperate.

Yes, this is very expensive! Hubby's health insurance covers about 1/3 and we'll owe $2250 I think it is.



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Thanks for the update! Glad the tooth is gone. But have to say, teasing me with the ding dong reference in the title was mean, there were no ding dongs in here... lol


PS. Dibs on the unused hydrocodene!!!

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I underwent dental work last week...I am a BIG WUSS also,

had one extraction, 2 fillings and a cleaning....

I go back August 3rd for impression for a bridge...well the worst is over. I have known this dentist since he first opened his practice and we have gone there for years (when I am not chicken) luckily he is giving me a HUGE break on this or I would have to put it off ......longer

I am glad you did well and I think sometimes the antipication is worse now than actually going...they are so much better at getting you NUMB


Good Luck with the rest of your dental work....Bonnie

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Excuse me for not knowing and maybe I shouldnt ask, but what does the reference to Ding Dong mean. Sorry for asking.

Hope your teeth are not too bad tonight


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