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You're Lisa's Father?....



I was down visiting Lisa last night for dinner. After she was done, she needed to go to the bathroom and I was waiting in the hall where some of the other residents were sitting. One of them is a nice older lady named Lois. She is very chatty and repeats the same things every time.


She looks at me and says, "You're Lisa's father?" "No, Lois, I'm Lisa's husband."

"Oh, Lisa's husband. I like you. You're a nice man." I said, "Thank you Lois. You're nice too."


I walked away a little bit to avoid having the same conversation a few minutes later and got to thinking. I realized I'm not a nice man at all. Wait a minute, when it comes to my wife and my kids, yes, I would like to think so. But in general, no, I'm not nice.


I am very intolerant of others. I have no patience for anything. Never have. Waiting at a traffic light, come on, let's go. Some one has a stupid question, you're wasting my time. One might say I'm anti-social. I would agree with that. I am more cynical now than I ever was.


Maybe that's why I have always worked in a management position. Walk around and point. Bark orders all the time. That's me. I'm not well suited for dealing with people I guess. I like what I do. I have worked for the same company for almost 14 years. Not many people can say that anymore. Oh, I can give respect when it is deserved and I know my place in the food chain.


I don't know what got this thought started in my head. It just popped in there. As I read this back, it's almost rambling. But, I'm not nice. I don't think I ever will be.





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We all have a private side to our personalities and a public side that we show the outside world. They are often in disagreement on how we view ourselves as opposed to how others see us. That doesn't make you a bad person because you don't always show the same kind of caring and patiences to strangers that you do with your family. Being nice 24/7 is an unobtainable goal but one we all struggle to acheive so that we can maintain a good balance.







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