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Less to Blog About



As time passes and my attitude has changed, I find I have less to blog about. Lisa's condition is stable and improving every day. All she has left from her hospital stay is a feeding tube and that comes out next week. I am working on adapting our home for her return. Not much else seems to be happening.


I am still very tired though. I never seem to have enough time in the day. Where does it go? My last blog was kind of along the same lines so it's my reaccuring thought. The days are blurring one into another.


This site and all of your comments have really helped me through the hard times I was having, hell, we all are having. Things are better. They're looking up.


So am I. Butch

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Thanks for the update on what's going on with you and Liza. Things do get better as time passes or maybe we just learn to adjust better, who knows.



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