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I feel VOID inside my head. There seems to be more blank space up there since the stroke. I'm not very comfortable with it but must live with it now. I have always been somewhat insecure. gosh I hate that feeling! I,m glad I have recovered so well from the stroke, just wish I felt better with my life. It is void and sterile tired.gif

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I haven't had a stroke so I can't say much about the effects of one personally. But I can totally relate to feeling alone, not having someone to pal around with and not being satisfied because some things in my life have stalled. I know that all these things won't change by themselves, but sometimes it's hard (and scary, too) to try to make a change. I hope you realize though, you have never came across in any post or blog as anything but a sweet, caring person. Try not to be so hard on yourself.


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