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...so many directions



...I'm overwhelmed. First off, thanks to the stroke survivors group on the evening chat of which I barged in on the past two night. I'm just too grateful for their help in finding the 'discussion board'! How did I miss this! I have my 'blog' in my favorites, so I was unaware of a discussion board. I spend four hours last night reading links within the discussion boards. Oh, how we (meaning me) are clueless!!

...first off, I found out about the Supreme Court case Olmstead vs US and it was all over after that! (I feel like I hit a grand slam in the World Series of baseball!!) Real Choices website gave both Rita and I hope that she will not have to go back into a nursing home after her son had signed her up to send her back. It just isn't an option. Everynight we 'walk' for about an hour and a half and she told me her son said he was signing her up to go back to the nursing home as both the son and daughter in law are overwhelmed (baby due in 4 months...caring for Rita for 2 and a half months). Well, after we all got over the 'pool' of 'how long will it take for reality to set in for a newly married couple, expecting a baby and caregiver to MIL' going to last (I won at 2 months) I feel like her life is now starting. It is so much easier to 'do' for Rita rather than 'teach' her. So they 'did' for her and she accepted it (wouldn't we all). But as life goes, there are trade offs. Now she pays for it. You would laugh at both of us..."Rita, we are going to walk back into the house, up both ramps"..."really?" she says. "really" I say. And the first time we do something new together, I'm sweating like mad and she is teetering on a fall. But you know what?? It's always easier the second time!...and third...and fourth...and fifth...

Tonight is the first night she really lost her balance and I grabbed her. I apologized and she said "I'd rather you grab me than let me fall." Hell, that is our new motto!

We go over all the financial and medical issues this weekend with her son and daughter in law. If I have to pound down doors of congressman and senators, this woman will have an independent life, so help me God!

Anyway, don't think I'm not privy to reality checks myself. I've raised four sons as a single mother and I can tell you...there is NOTHING you can't do if you shed a few tears and sweat a few drops.


THANK YOU ALL FOR BEING HERE!!! I just don't know what I would do without this website. Thanks to all who said just 'do it' in visiting her way back (seems so long ago) when I couldn't go and visit her in the nursing home.


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