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blow out ---- blow up



welp as i blogged yesterday lol i cooked butterbeans for dinner last night and they were awesome oh boydid they have and take there effect on the both of us to blowing out and blowing up at one point i was scared to even light my cigarette there was so much gas in the bedroom lastnight the poor lil dog even run away sneezing a dog for you now something who goes around sniffing butts usually now dats bad lol gleam.gifgleam.giffrench_cig_nomo.gif we made or on hot air balloon out of the bedsheet last night lol i cant believe im blogging this lol


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I can't believed you blogged it either. But no one can say we don't have diversity in our topics!


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I'm glad I didn't ask Mom to make me beans now.


Hey all you cooking people, is it true that if you soak the beans for a long time, that they won't have such an adverse affect in the... know. Because all the air is released during soaking, I think.

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I have tried soaking them, I have tried soaking them with baking soda, I have tried adding a piece of apple or potato when cooking.....

NONE of these have worked.....


there is or not.....just open the windows and have fun


I got the cutest joke (country western song) Daddy cut the big one in the Missipppi Baptist church wish I could put it on here it is hysterical



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