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What did I used to do before I gave a thought and some serious attention to perspective?


This morning I was wandering from room to room in my apartment, thinking what I wanted to do today. I wasn't thinking out of boredom or desperation, just planning my day.

I realized that I had a desire to be creative amd either do some interior decorating or change a room around. Surprisingly this is how I used to be pre stroke. Post stroke the desire to be creative was like pulling teeth to accomplish something along these lines. Also I've only been here 2 months, I can't view the room arrangement as boring already?? The bedroom does need to be changed, the set up doesn't really work with my office and my disability right now. What I need to do is go shopping at Home Goods and buy some new things, give a facelift to a room. The thought of moving furniture with one hand makes me cringe and start to sweat at the same time.


But I am on my own, if I want to do something, I need to figure out a way to do it, can't let my disability stop me. I can never ever think of myself as handicapped. I'd be sunk then.

Just some ponderings, but ity got me off of page 2!


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I love ur blogs and ur dynamic attitude towards life, I love to do decorating around house but first I have to convince hubby that its worth it, next drag him for shopping and then while trying to do it, get his help while he is kicking and screaming

one of these days without invitation i m going to come to ur house



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When you go shopping, ask the clerk if they sell furniture mover thingies that might 'assist' you in moving furniture by yourself. I know what they are called, just the name 'escapes' me right now. sad.gif



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My mom actually has a little jack she that puts under each side of the big stuff so that it rolls. I picked them up at one of those tool tent sales because she is always moving something. Getting stuff from room to room becomes tricky, but a across a room is pretty easy.

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Hi Pam, can you call the girl or boyscouts, they always want to help..maybe they can send a couple kids to help you move your furniture and they would get ponts toward their merit badge and a feeling of doing good for someone.



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