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Has anyone else noticed the same thing as I have this morning? How do you see the passage of time? In minute units or in hours or you haven't got a clue?

As a kid I told time by the old fashioned type clock. We didn't have the time on microwaves, the computer or digital clocks. I didn't think of time in minute units, I thought of time in five minute units, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, ect.....


Yeah I needed something to blog about today, can you tell? I was at the end of page two, teetering on one more entry before I fell into the abyss of page three. I've heard horror stories of blogs being unsalvagable once the were on page three.


Depending on what is happening in my life these days, time management isn't something I give much thought to. I'm retired so I do whatever I want whenever.

But I did realize how differently I thought in actual time since I was a kid.



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Guest lwisman


Bit of related trivia.


GMT was started in 1914. Before then there was no standard time. There was a 15 minute difference between Brussels and Paris. Brussels and Paris are now a three hour drive, and of course there are phones and computers. So, having time standardized is important. Before 1914 have no idea how long it took to make a trip by horse from Brussels to Paris.


And of course now a standard time is important between Hong Kong and New York, etc. If you took a ship from Europe to US before 1914 what did it matter what the time difference was? You experienced it being gradual.


It is amazing how far the world has come in such a short time.

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Well time for myself is similar to yours, except I do try to have dinner ready at a "certain"time" when I want to go into chat or call a family member in another time zone I have to figure out the time difference..


or if I have a doctor orother appointment have to remind myself (several days in advance and place post it notes so I watch "the time"


but other than those factors....oh and the time for a favorite tv program


and the cat reminds me it is "time" to feed her....




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i have a rather strange view of time. i watch the clock like a hawk during work hours because i am scared to death i will forget or space out and forget an appointment and i DO NOT DO LATE AND DON'T LIKE PEOPLE WHO DO!!!!!!!!


on the other hand, when i am spending time with a person i really like and find interesting, time doesn't exist. an hour can seem like 5 minutes, and so on.


then again, time is relative. for instance, cleaning the house can seem like HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS cuz it's so boring. but playing on the beach for hours, can seem like only minutes. and if you stop and look at your life, "wasn't i just 18 yesterday?" where did these years go? but when i was 18, waiting on a boy i liked to call could seem like an ETERNITY!!!!!!!!!!


then i look at time as a whole. we humans( to use a rod expression, lol) are here for NO TIME AT ALL , in the grand scheme of things. just a speck on the earth passing through in a millisecond. but the time that we have is precious regardless of how long we might live. a newborn who dies life is just as precious as a 90 year olds who dies.


time, why do we have to measure it, worry about it, let it pass us by and watch it. ? why can't we all just live in the present time we have, and do our best to make what TIME we have, more meaningful to those we care about and love. ? i dunno. well, it's TIME i go blog.!!!!!



kim outofhere.gif

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i agree with wat kim sais sounds smart huh


and pam we could go back to the stone age they didntcare and didnt haver clocks

jus morning fod and pm food lol

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Since my stroke I have not had to worry or be concerned about time,accept for

mostly Drs appoints. It has been much more relaxing not having to worry about time.

Time will be an issue when I return to work ,soon.

I will be watching the time constantly to ensure things are done on time,

breaks are taken and tasks are accomplished with time.

Time was always a big issue with my work as a nurse.

lorrainelm cloud9.gif

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I don't care about time unless I need to make sure a store is open, a certain program is on, or I have an appointment.I eat my three meals a day when I'm hungry, sleep when I'm tired, and do whatever I want when I want. Sure beats being somewhere I don't want to be, doing something I don't want to do.


MARTY smile.gif

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