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Todays slow enjoyable pace



Have you ever been away and you get the feeling that you've got all day, theres nothing pressing to do, no need to stick to a schedule, throw the timex away. A feeling steals over you of lots of time and an easy relaxed pace.

Well that is how I felt this morning. It is a rare beautiful sunny breezy day without the humidity we've had. I was sitting on my patio just enjoying being outside and I had that "vacation" feeling. Then the mama deer walked out of the woods, she stood there twitching her ears and then out popped her fawn, with his white freckled back and ears so big it would take a year or two for him to grow into them.( All the better to hear you with...)Mama and baby hung out for five minutes, then the neighbor started his mower and they were gone. But I was grateful that I am lucky to live here and even luckier to live my life as if I am on vacation so I have time to slow down and enjoy.

Life is good,



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pam watch out for kim she gotta shutgun and a truck she b there soon hunting lol

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