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Can't Sleep - Exciting Weekend



Hello All:


I've been awake since 3:00 AM. This happens every time that I have something planned. I guess it is because I know I want to be successful in what I have planned.


This weekend is my 35th High School Class Reunion. I live 10 miles from where I graduated, so traveling isn't an issue. We are having a pizza party tonight, but it is only for the classmates. This way, we can blahblah1.gifblahblah1.gif and not have our spouses feel left out.


Tomorrow evening is the actual reunion dinner and dance. I know people will still blahblah1.gif but not as much, because, hopefully, it will be out of our system.


You're probably wondering why a Pizza Party as part of our class reunion. Several classmates 'had an issue' with alcohol and they expressed their opinion that they won't come to any function we have when alcohol is served. And others stated how the classmates 'congregate' and talk about things happening in the last five years, while our spouses sit at the tables, neglected.


So, the committee (of which I am a member) came up with the idea of a pizza party, when we were in the process of planning our 25th class reunion. The pizza party actually works out quite well.


We charge $15.00 if you attend the pizza party. We charge $35.00 a person if you attend the dinner/dance. However, if you are attending BOTH functions, it is still $35.00 for the classmate.


I'll 'report' on the festivities later tonight/tomorrow morning.




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