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35th HS Class Reunion - Pizza Party



Hello All:


I just wanted to 'report' on my High School Class Reunion Pizza Party that was held last evening (Friday, July 22, 2005). We had 72 classmates, out of 221, that attended. It was held in an elementary school's cafeteria, but we used fans instead of the air conditioning. (They couldn't just air condition the cafeteria) sad.gif Made for a hot, balmy event.


We 'devoured' 14 large pizzas, and went through about 10 dozen sodas, besides three 24-packs of water.


It was from 7 - 11 PM, but they 'sent' me home about 10:15 PM, with a whole pizza and 12 sodas. Fellow committee members said I looked awfully tired. (heck yea, the heat didn't help either).


What was nice, the one committee member works in a printing shop. He made up name tags, with our high school graduation picture on. Thank God, for this. So many people 'have changed looks' since we graduated 35 years ago.


Tonight is the actual Class Reunion Dinner / Dance event, but I doubt there will be much dancing, since everyone is 'over 50'. I'll 'blog' the continuing saga tomorrow.



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