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So grateful



I've been smiling all day. Hans' new chair came yesterday. I could not believe the invoice that I saw - $9,403.00 for the chair. The chair is wonderful. It fits him like a glove. Has been adjusted to his height and weight. Everything is adjustable. It has a Hemi-tray for his right arm. It is so comfortable for him. We have to get used to the way it works. It responds more slowly to turns and backing up than his Hoveround. We will get used to it though and be able to do everything he wants to.


The State of Texas has this wonderful program, Community Based Alternative, that will assist with a person who can live at home rather than stay in the nursing home. It provides for an aide to help with his care, his diapers, underpads, some home modifications, some equipment. They paid for his new chair. Thank God for such a program. I am also grateful for the wonderful workers in the Aged and Disabled Programs. They are the best.


Hans just sits and smiles. I think the chair is so much more comfortable for him. Seeing that makes all the work worth while. I applied for this last December, was denied, appealed. Then had to reapply and go through the whole process again before it was finally granted. Such a long wait but I realize this is a lot of money that I was asking for. I am grateful.


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