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Today in History



Today has been a good day. Started out early going to therapy for my back. It is getting much better with the exercises and the traction. I hardly have any pain now. That's a really really good thing.


We are still waiting for Hans' new chair. Maybe it will come tomorrow. They said three to four weeks and we're going on five weeks now. I know - patience, patience, patience. Oh, well, when it gets here - it gets here. I just hope it is exactly what he needs. If not, I know better now that to just accept it. I did that with the Lift Chair and then they would not come back and get it. I am learning - slowly but learning.


Tomorrow, neither of us has a doctor appointment, therapy appointment or even need to pick up medication from the pharmacy. Then Aunt Ruby called and wants to go to the doctor tomorrow afternoon. God bless her, she is the biggest hypochondriac I have ever known. I take her to the doctor at least twice a month and Daddy takes her some too. She goes to two eye specialists and has really nothing new to report except that her eyes hurt. They should hurt - she either reads or watches TV all day. They are tired. After all, she is 92. Her primary care doctor tells her she will see her in three months. It's more like three days. She called the other night at 2:00. I asked what was wrong and she just said I don't feel right. Everyone got there and then she said she felt fine, we could all go home. It would be much easier if she lived with us. At least she would not be alone at night. I think she just has panic attacks and is afraid of dying alone. I understand but with taking care of Hans, it gets tiring to handle her too. I'm just whining because I'm tired. Forgive me.


We had the crappiest dinner tonight. Maybe I will do better tomorrow. I sure hope so. I'm full but not satisfied.


I have to go make more quilt squares now so all the Texas soldiers will get their quilts from Texas quilters. It's a really nice idea and I have 5 more squares to go.


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