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Last night I was grinding my teeth as usual when all of a sudden, the fake tooth moved. That scared me and I rushed to look in the miror to see what I'd done. It looked ok but I was afraid I'd accidently swallow the fake tooth. Called my general dentist and he 'worked me in' during his lunch hour. The specialist dentist had previously said I should go to see general dentist as he has better bonding agents to keep the tooth in place.

Wheww, I was scared to even take my meds for fear I'd swallow the fake tooth along with the pills.


All's well that ends well. biggrin.gif


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I had the very same thing happen once, so I know exactly how you feel. I hate dentists and getting dental work!


Take care,




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WOW totally understand...am going through same thing now..

fake too th came out .. a couple times, they were able to cement it back it with good results. Now it cam out again...can't cement it so they are going to make a bridge..go back August 3rd for impressions and then they will make the bridge....feel like a Halloween Pumpkin for now and not smiling much...lol glad you all can't SEE me but soon will have a smile again.... I was also afraid I would swallow the darn thing...

good luck janice

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