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Yesterday was a family affair... We (my bf, myself, & my son) all got outside and did yard work. It was amazing that my bf just jumped right in there with us. We only have a push mower and we all took turns. Well, mostly between my bf and my son, because I grabbed up the weed eater and went to town weeding eating...lol My bf is a little over 2 yrs post stroke survivor and is determined that he can do what he did before the stroke...and he's making a mighty amazing effort at just that.

Working in a LTC/rehab facility, I see a large amount of post stroke survivors. Some so much worse, and some a bit better than most. It's amazing to me the ones who have the determination to move forward and push themselves toward their goal. However, there are those who either are not able to "push forward" due to the severity of their stroke. You still see in their eyes their "wishfulness" and it makes one just want to let them know that it's still ok, we're here for you, you're still loved.

One of my co-worker's father is a stroke survivor. He's was aggressive/abusive until the docs were able to find the right med combo. She told me that it takes a special person to be able to love a stroke survivor because there is almost always some behavior malfunctions. Honestly, yes I do notice that, but they are not too extreme and gentle "redirection" seems to help.

Years ago, or even a year ago, if someone had told me that I would fall in love with a post stroke survivor, I believe my honest response would have been, "I don't think so." But one, who has their heart open for true love, never shuts the door when it walks right into your life and is determined to make you theirs.

That's not to say that we're not like other couples. We do have our moments of disagreement and upsetness at one another, but it never lingers long.

Just like what has happened just this morning. I had severe heartburn last night so I slept on the couch to prop myself up. My bf got up this morning and left me an IM on the pc, knowing that I usually check my email first thing. He asked that when I wake up to please come wake him up so that he can shower. Well, being the good woman i am, I attempted to do just that. However, it didn't go too smoothly. His response was "Quit, damn it." Initially, that hurt, but sitting here writing this blog, I thought about it. And no resentment (at least on my part) is built up and hidden for a later explosion...lol

My worst fear is the "what ifs": what if it gets worse or what if it happens again. My answer to myself on that is that is there is never a guarantee on life, so enjoy it day to day as it comes and leave the "what ifs" to others.

We're supposed to go to my dad's today and a few of my other family members will be there....he's concerned about that. He has no need to be, because most of my family are not 'superficial' in any way. They will love him when they see he really loves me.

I have really rambled from one type topic to another in this blog, but my excuse is variety is sometimes the spice of life....and my life is full of a variety of things...lol

Does anyone recall that christian song that has the words: "I don't know about tomorrow, I just live from day to day"? That's me in a nutshell.

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hey lovey dovey couple:

you guys r really made for each other couple, so when is wedding bells ringing, it is great to see that u both r lucky enough to find each other. you should maybe also write how u 2 met and fell in love, it will be wonderful story



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