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Sleep or Work?? Which to do



uhm.gif Another day and I would so much rather just go back to bed and snuggle sleep. But another dollar doesn't present itself unless I drag my behind to work... giggle.gif My bf made a wonderful supper last night of swedish meatballs, gravy, rice, and fried okra....yummmmie. How did I luck out to find such a man?? I wake up each day wondering if today is the day that I will wake up from a glorious dream....But, alas, I'm still dreaming and loving every minute of it.

Today is another day and like any other, my bf is trying to get me to stay home from work and spend the day with him...lol As much as I would like to do just that...I am not a person that stays at home all the time. I like to work, but the ideal job would be to only work when I wanted to..Wouldn't we all like that kind of job?

Sometimes I wonder if the situation was reversed would he still have fallen in love with me? Then I realize that what ifs don't matter. What does matter is the here and now...and here and right now he is in love with me. I am brave. I just asked him that question and his comment was "yes, he would have." cloud9.gif

My last thought for this blog is that I would like to send this to all:

Hugs of strength and love for all.


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i would rather work than just ABOUT anything. energizes me. i like to PLAY just as hard. it's all about "balance", i think.





kim spoton.giffighter.giffighter.gif

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