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Off the Top of My Head



Rant-On.gifflowers.gif Well this is off the top of my head. Remember how sometimes you talk to yourself? Then somebody ask what did you say, you answer nothing I was talking to myself. Then they say well don't answer, you will go crazy.


I am envoking the 1st amendment here. Nothing is factual in research, like I said its off the top of my head. That ain't very deep. I said RANT because I have to get it out of my system today. Infact I missed church this morning, but I am going this evening to a program for the men at a church out of town but my pastor is bringing the message.


With so many bombings all over the world, train wrecks, auto wrecks, robberys, heart attacks, strokes and people dying all around us, it makes me want to live that much more no matter my physical state of mind. Ofcourse my mental mind tells me of the things I can and can not change, so that allows me to refrain from antidepressants so far.


Material things! How many of them can we take with us when our time is up on earth?? How many times have we worried about that? Yet if our house burns or blow away in a storm we eventually acquire another one. If our clothes get destroyed we somehow are able to replace them, even it its from goodwill or donations. So we don't go naked or even very hungry. Now then why, why do we worry about our possessions?? My thoughts are God will make a way out of no way as we see it.


Now its time to ponder; we as individuals don't know when we were born(only what we were told and a certificate) and we certainly don't know our last day on earth. Even if we did we don't know the hour. In my mind GOD keeps that to himself. Isn't it surprising when we hear of some one we know and/or love has passed?

Like General Westmoreland, 91 years old, Vietnam veteran I served with on three occasions. He was never operated on there, I was, have a big long scar in my back for ever. I still get no VA disability. Am I mad, angry, disheartened or have regrets?? No I served my country, things will be what they are no matter what I think or feel.


So now I've had a stroke, another birthday last friday 22 July 05. I'm still alive, a survivor, a fighter like Lance Armstrong the great american cyclist of all times.

I'm not about to give up or quit.


Back to 1st amendment. Freedom to speak, worship, live where you want, go and come as you desire in any free country. No dictatorship, just jail for thing you know are against the laws of the country. We shall NOT Kill. Steal, commit adultery, mess with your neighbor's wife, Lie, false judgement and other things Yes we do have freedom, a blessing in my mind. A lot of times we make poor decisions. In hindsight we see the light. Then its too late. The damage is done.


Why do some want to get rid of things in public buildings and schools like prayer, the 10 commandments which has been in place before I was born??? Next they will want "In God We Trust" removed from our coins and paper money. No matter who we serve, who we worship or what we believe, I say God made the universe and everything in it.


Man didn't make God, the tail don't wag the dog, the body don't control the brain, so in my mind and beliefs GOD is in charge. Always will be to the end of time. I guess I can claim an early start to know about God and who he is at an early age thanks to my beloved mother who brought me into this world at the age of 42. She raised or reared me up believing and having faith in God and his almighty power.


Being the 18th child born to her at a time when they were sharecroppers and farmers trying to survive makes me proud they had faith in God. I grew up in church, was baptized at 14, sing in the choir, studied the bible. Now at 64 years, no prison record, free to come and go and serve as I do is a great feeling and accomplishment. I look back at the friends and playmates that are serving time, dead, or otherwise no longer here.


Its getting late, my head is getting empty, I have now added more above to complete my ranting blog hope you can understand some of it soon. PEACE AND GOOD WILL TO ALL. ps. If you want to just talk, PM or Email me. I'm a listener.



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