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everything you wanted to know and...



...and what...not enough IMHO. Why don't doctors tell you about the 'kick ass' factor of caregiving?? What is it with this wimpy sh-t I see. "Is this Ok?" " Do you need something else?" "Here, let me get that for you"


"Chris, why is the wheelchair near the bathroom?"

"Out of habit, I guess"

"Chris, do you think it helps your Mom to wheel her to the bathroom instead of the strength she receives from walking to the friggin' bathroom?"

"Well, it's what I've always done"

"Not anymore, wheel the chair over here and she will WALK back!"

"You're mean"

"Tough sh-t"


Tough sh-t has been in my vocabulary lately...not very nice, eh? Hell, I even say it to myself! 96 degrees today and I said to Rita, "Are you sure you want to walk in this heat?" No, she didn't say 'tough sh-t', she said 'yes' which was the equivalent to me as I HATE summer. Out we went. I'm sweating like a pig and she lifts her face to the breeze that rolls on by us and I watched her profile. She is lovin' it.


She is beautiful today...Mary Kay cosmetics gave her a facial and she bought makeup and looked more like her old self. She made her own lunch with little help from Julia and read the new Harry Potter book. TV didn't come on til 3pm...it's a miracle!! Tomorrow her hair gets cut and colored. Julia said her legs looked firmer (couldn't say anything better to a 48 yo woman!) For today...life is good.




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