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Another Recipe from Chef Denny



Hello All:


Someone PM'd me and requested a recipe. So, being that it is summer, and everyone is a BBQ Guru, I have a recipe for the gas grill.


I must warn you, this IS NOT for the 'amateur backyard cook'.


Before I start, there are a few 'ground rules'.


1). This recipe was made mith a two-burner gas grill. And the directions will be given that way. I have not made any with a three-burner gas grill, but it can be done. (PM me if you need instructions for three-burner gas grill).


2). You must follow instructions exactly as written. I will not be responsible if you make a 'burnt offering'.


3). In regards to gas grills, the two-burner must be left side / right side burners. Three-burner must be front / middle / back.


Okay, 'fire up the grill, tie your apron, and let's get cooking.



Angel Food Cake on the Gas Grill


To make, you will need:

One box of white angel food cake mix (manufacturer does not matter)

One angel food 'tube' cake pan




Light gas grill, and turn both burners to HIGH.


While grill is heating, prepare cake mix and pour into an angel food pan. (Suggestion: Look in your kitchen cabinets, way in the back, for Christmas cookie sprinkles and 'fold' into cake mix, just before pouring in cake pan.


Go out back, turn one burner to OFF and the other burner to MEDIUM. Place the cake pan, on the grid, on the OFF side. Pan MUST be on the OFF side. Close the lid, and let it bake.


Baking time will be close to the time that is printed on the back of the box. (You did keep the box right?)


When cake is done, remove pan from grill and 'complete' the instructions on the back of the box - placing upside-down on rack, cooling time, etc.



This does work, and yes it is good. NO, it does not 'taste' like it was barbecued.



Try it, and I think you will really like it. Just for your information, I make my bundt cakes on a gas grill too. So far, I've made 64 angel food cakes and bundt cakes, but who's keeping track.


Chef Denny





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Chef D,

Wow, how neat!! I will have to try that sometime!! And I won't have to heat my house up doing it.

Thank you for sharing with us.


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hey there chef wat bout us folks who use sticks and a hole in the ground for out grill

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