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Not worrying now!!



Well for the time being anyway biggrin2.gif


I am sitting here listening to BBC Radio 2- they are are playing the charts of musicals. Hearing lots of songs I havent heard for ages. Les Miserables has come no 1. I feel very relaxed, dont know why. Maybe I shouldnt try and analysis it too much.

The boys are back from Switzerland safely, having had a good time. The 15yr old has met up with his girfreind again so he is happy. The 16yr old is playing his guitar so he is happy. Hubby has sorted out his contract for the time being so he is happy. I am happy because they are all happy!!! Long may it continue.


We had an interesting few days in Amsterdam. Visited lots of museums- admired many paintings.

Took care that when we needed a break we went to a cafe rather than a coffee shop. coffee shops sold some rather interesting "cake".............. roflmao.gif A little would go a long way, and you would have a high old time. You were never quite sure what would be round the next corner... a lot of men window shopping french_cig_nomo.gif


The down side was I fell over soon after arriving, and badly hurt my finger on my left hand. My unaffected side. I was sure it was broken, it was swelling so much. I decideed I did not want to go to casualty, so I strapped it up. It was very sore. I was really upset. Hubby didnt understand................but we sorted it out eventually. I got out the walking stick and we made sure we rested freqeuntly.

When I got home I wnt to my Dr. She thought it was broken as well, so sent up to A&E. Three hours later they decided it wasnt, but strapped it and put it in a sling.


Today the sling comes off. It has been interesting few days.It hsa made me use my right hand and arm more.Which I am fortunate enough to able to do. My arm and hand do get very tired. I am not complaining its all good exercise.


About to go and have a coffee and read the Sunday newspaper.

Happy day all



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Sorry to hear about the finger, but glad you had an interesting time and things seem to be falling into a positive routine now. When are you coming across the pond?


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