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2nd Place ain't bad



Ryan skated in a statewide competition yesterday. He took 2nd place. Not bad for a 15 year old with big dreams ...


He wants to skate in the Xgames next year. He's hoping to be sponsored by Razors, or Senate, (but, he wouldn't turn down any manufacturer)


I'm hoping he gets sponsored too! When they sponsor a skater they pay him to compete and they pay for all the gear.


Wheels are $8.00 each and we replace them once a month, then there's frames at $99.00 replaced every 6 weeks or so, soul plates - every two months he needs new ones, heel plates, liners, boots, etc. His skates altogether cost about $500.00 -

and I can remember straping roller skates on to my shoes that we rented for $2.00 (to skate in the gym.) I think they cost like $15.00 at Sears - we didn't even have rollerblades back then!


Street skating is not the same as rollerblading. 1st there's no brakes, and you don't rollerblade off handrails and down walls.

I've posted pictures of Ryan skating in a normal park, but you should see the video he and his skaterboy friends made.


I have to stop watching when they get to the "Nutcracker" scenes...(that's what the boys call it) these guys skate down handrails without helmets or pads and sometimes they miss and...... head_hurts.gif Let me know if you want to see the video.


One of Ryan's "hero's" Murda - a skater on the Razor's team - was supposed to be at the comp yesterday. He and Ryan are friends but, they haven't seen each other in months. I hope Murda can help get Ryan sponsored.


2nd place is pretty good for someone who was skating against 16 year olds and up. Although it's not a "normal" sport like soccer or football - I have to remind myself - " Normal is a setting on the washing machine" (Pam taught me that).





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Well done to Ryan.

As long as he is interested in something I dont think it matters. Welll I suppose there are somethings you would prefer him not to be interested in nono.gif


Who decides whats "normal" anyway............

Good luck to Ryan



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I am sure it is "nerve racking" to watch (from a mother's point of view

my daughter was in ice hockey,


GOOD LUCK and we'll hope he gets a sponsor!!!!


Bonnie Good-Luck.gif

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How wonderful!. I think you'll find that a kid interested in atheletic isn't going to smoke, drink or do drugs etc. Their bodies are too important if they want to do well. My grand nephew is a dirt bike racer. He wants to do it professonally. For the second years he is a member of the US Junior team going to compete in a foreign country. He had sponsors last year and this year he has even more.


I hope Ryan finds the same luck and gets to enjoy the wonderful time that will be ahead of him.

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