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Getting off the dumb bus....



Getting off the dreaded and moldy page two with this entry.....


The last three days at work have been strange to say the least. It's kind of like they let people on the "dumb bus" get off at our door.


What's the dumb bus?


You know those people who have no common sense? People who just don't think!


For instance - I had a woman call today and ask how late we we're open ... I said until 5:30 - she said "oh good - I should make it before 6" I said "We're only open until 5:30" She said "I'll be there as close as I can to 5:30" I said " If you are not here by 5:30 we will be closed" She said "I'll be no later than quarter to 6" At this point I very sweetly said "At 5:31 we lock the doors and go home" and then she said "but, I might buy something" .....( she's not even a customer and wants me to stay late for her so she can browse? And she doesn't ask she just assumes!) what is she thinking?


We had another woman come in today - she SAW Dave and Kim painting the walls - she walked right up to the wall put her hand on it and said "Is this wet?"


Why would you do that? ? Are you too dumb for words?


I wanted to say " Does Your hand think so?" as she was staring at her freshly painted palm.



Some people need to get on the dumb bus and just keep riding! lol_2.gif



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