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Hay Clarke


I am just looking out my window a a yellow finch at the feeder There was a hummingbird there a short while ago. I found blueberries, wild flowers, little birds and butterflies in the field where I walk today. There was a crow perched in the Oak tree by my front door when I came home saying "hello".


I hope that hearing about them will pick you up as much as seeing them did for me.


Smiles smile.gif



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For what it is worth I think you are improving. You continue to write blogs, so that shows some commitment to improving. You didnt just suddenly feel like this, so it will take a while to come out of it. You just hang on in there......baby steps.

garys reply was wonderful. Hope you also got something out of it.

Hope to hear from you soon


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Clarke you are "hanging in there" remember the photo of the kitten hangin onto the branch....well sometimes we just have a twig to grasp and then a branch....

I used to (pre-stroke) jumped out of bed and dash around getting ready for work, taking something out to fix for dinner and have 100 things going in my mind before I got out the door....

Now I get up and sit and enjoy my coffe, if it is nice I sit on the porch and watch the dogs and listen to the birds and feel the sun on my face.

If you can find one POSITIVE thing to do FOR YOURSELF everyday...

if its an ice cream cone, or watching a butterfly try to find something to make you smile... a baby in a stroller. a puppy playing, a song you like...

hang in ther kiddo, Bonnie

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