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National Night Out




Today is the National Night Out. A day when communities get together and introduce themselves to their neighbors. And grill tons of hot dogs. biggrin.gif


Lisa's parents have had a party on National Night Out for the past 30 years. No Kidding, 30 years. The local newspaper has done many articles on them because it is one of the longest running parties on National Night Out. The Fire Department and a Police car always show up for the kids. Local businesses donate for raffles and door prizes. Last year, there were over 200 people at their house. Not at a community rec center or a town hall. People who have moved out of the neighborhood still return to their party to catch up with old friends.


We will be going there for a few hours at Lisa's Care Conference at Bayshore. It should be interesting. We don't have any real concerns for them. Lisa still has her feeding tube, but it has not been used for weeks. The Speech Therapist was working on getting it removed but we no longer see him. Lisa's speech is 95% clear and therapy isn't required anymore so the feeding tube is kind of in limbo. Our other concern is, of course, her release date. She was shooting for Sept. 1 but now has pushed it back another month to Oct. 1. I'm sorry, but with the improvements Lisa keeps making while at Bayshore, I hope she decides to stay that long. For someone who all the doctors told me would never walk again, she might be using a walker by next week. How can I argue with the progress Lisa has made while at Bayshore. It has been remarkable. On the other hand, Lisa is understandably homesick. Who wouldn't be?





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Butch, sometimes I feel our caregiver experiences are on parallel universes. I don't know how long Lisa has had her feeding tube, but I know it has to be in for a least 5 weeks before it can be removed. And at our hospital, the only person who could remove it was the same medical team who put it in. So see if you can find out who did it, their number and contact them if you are getting nowhere with Bayshore. It was all I could do to keep Patrick in the hospital and rehab center. He finally got to the point where all he would try to communicate was about "WHEN". I literally heard that question so I often every day I told him I would have a meltdown if he asked me again because I couldn't answer it. Oh well, the meltdown lasted about 10 minutes and I was in need of a good cry. Do your best to keep her there, but I guess we have to weigh what is better for her physically against what is better for her emotionally.

Good Luck,


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National night out seems such a good idea- maybe i should try and start one where I live in Scotland. I dont think i would cope with 200 people tho biggrin2.gif


I so pleased that Lisa is making good progress- what do the Dr know anyway. You tell her to hang on in there for as long as is takes. could she have weekend visits?


Take care of yourself


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