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Two More Months



Well, we have finally decided on Oct. 1 for the day Lisa will be coming home. We keep pushing it back with each month of improvement, but I think that by that time enough will be enough. Lisa is still showing rapid improvement in therapy and after Oct. 1 she will be getting outpatient at that time. The extra 2 months will allow me to get the house ready for her return. She was worried that Bayshore might not release her, but the staff said she could be released now if that was what we chose. I don't think so. Her mobility has improved so much. We are now doing standing transfers and she used a walker for the first time yesterday. I wish I could have been there to see it. She told me her PT person was crying behind her.


I looked in to a stair lift for our house. Those things are EXPENSIVE!! But, I guess we have no choice. Anything that will make day to day life easier for her, that's what we'll do. She doesn't want to move and that seems a bit extreme in our case. So, it's a stair lift and ramp for us.


The picnic at her folks for National Night Out was great. Lisa got to see many people she has not seen since her benefit, and there were many friends there so I could spend time with my brothers. The three of us are not what you call close, but we always have a good time together. I think we are even playing golf this Saturday (Man, it must look like all I do is golf.).


Other than that, status quo.







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Well good news, glad to hear Lisa is doing well and enjoyed her night out, and you got some time with your brothers.


Yeah you get to go golfing...hit a "birdie" or whatever..how abount an eagle..anyway.. enjoy


I dont know if the Lions Club or other organization could help with the stair lift.


You could call the Boy Scouts and I am sure they would come help you build the ramp....they do projects to help people.



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Butch, 2 months is a long time. Do the people in PT think there is the possibility that Lisa could learn to do steps? Have they ever had her do the 3 steps or 4 that rehabs have?


Those chair lifts are expensive. Tried one at a home show and they are really nice.

Of course you'll need another walker upstairs or you'll have to carry the one upstairs. When I came home, I had been taught and drilled to do the stairs but my sister had to carry the wheel chair up and down each day until I got the rollator I wanted. It was kept downstairs and I held onto things to get around once upatairs and after we returned the wheelchair rental.


Lisa's recovery is going so well now, it may just continue at the rapid pace and the two months may make a large difference from today to then.

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