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The Street Fight



This week in Duluth is Spirit Valley Days in our neighborhood. There's parades, a Miss Spirit Valley pageant, all kinds of sales from local business, and that kind of stuff. It is the premier event on this side of town. Tonight is the West Duluth Street Dance.


We have always called it the "Street Fight" because one or two of them occur. Take a couple thousand people, mix with alcohol, add a 2 block area, shake well. beer.gif Lisa wants to go for a few hours. I don't' think she realizes how much work it will be. Parking will be hell. Just getting into it will be tough. Last year we went and the car was about a mile away. We'll see.


I got to see her work with the walker yesterday. It was very thrilling. Sure, there was a PT person on each side of her, but it was very encouraging. She walked about 20 ft. 4 times. With 2 more months of PT, who knows where she will be at the time of her release? Hell, she might even walk out of there on her own!!! I think these last 2 months are going to fly by.




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