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dr's office follies



a change from my usual blog entry - a jump to present time, ok, its still the past;but only 2 days instead of 2 years smile.gif


tuesday i had an appointment with my primary care physician and i once again wondered why so many supposedly educated people with theoretically normal brains are so clueless.... first its a medical clinic, associated with a hospital with a highly respected ground-breaking rehab unit, so why do they have doors that are impossible to open while trying to propel a wheelchair ? have carpet so thick you could disable your weak arm trying to propel a manual one at all (i was smart enough to bring the power one, though) - and why don't they have anywhere to park the chair thats not in everyones way ? ok, end of the answerless questions...


before i continue, let me say that i had some terrific nurses in the hospital and rehab, and that i like my dr a lot;but the nurses in her office really need a reality check..... "can you walk at all ?" "i can do a few feet with a walker;but i cant step up" "well, how am i supposed to weigh you?" "well, i cant get to or on the scale the way its positioned" "well, how can i weigh you?" "you cant here" "but how do you get weighed?" "well, the rehab wing in the hospital has a roll on scale and the pulmonary and outpatient clinics have one thats flat so i can roll up to it and has a bar i can hold on to while stepping on" "but they're in the other building, i need to weigh you here" "you cant" "you really cant step onto that scale?" "really" "you want to try ?" "you have anyone here strong enough to pick me off the floor and back on my chair?" "ok, ill tell the dr that you refused to be weighed" lol, i should've just fallen and forced her to deal.... then she asked "why are you here today?" "i have an appointment" "why did you make the appointment" "because the dr told me to" "but why?" i so wanted to say "because" but i broke out of the loop and said "for a followup"


the dr herself was fine, gave me a 5-6 month return order instead of the usual 3-4 month - was a little disappointed when i said i thought i had a pinched nerve or something because i had a different feel to the numb and tingle in my weak arm, and i seemed to be losing some of the minimal sensation id regained in my hand, even though id noticed a slight improvement on the rest of that side - she pretty much said that its hard to tell due to the stroke and left it at that - so ill bring it up with the rehab dr when i see him next month.... my bp was up a little so she added a third bp med - i'm still on 2 and was taken off one that affected my kidneys and another that lowered it too much, the new one is also a water pill which i could do without;but my main problem with it is that its a teeny tiny pill....and i'm only supposed to take half, lol - and the pharmacist says "don't split them in advance or they'll get all powdery" well, what about the half i'm supposed to save till tomorrow ? the experience will prove interesting, i'm sure, the pharmacist gave me a pill splitter;but i have trouble opening it with a weak hand, i'm wondering how long till i beg the dr to switch meds again ?


i've a few more med appointments coming up, so you'll get to hear me comment on my new sleep study, my rehab dr appt, and the joys of getting a mammogram in a wheelchair, over the next couple months; bet you can't wait for that one, lol


its good to be back, talk to you all later smile.gif


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missed you, I m glad that you r back with your funny outlook on world, I don't have some funny story about my medical fiasco except after they(drs) all try to kill me I still survivedjust kidding)


I m happy that u r back, u r my inspiration



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Hi Teal,

glad that you're "back". my dad rehab also at Santa Clara Valley Medical but was discharged earlier than original date due to minimal improvement. Given that, he had some pretty good therapists and Dr Duong was very good to my dad. My dad is on his fourth round of therapists at a board and care residential home. Fourth time a charm?

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Hope the nurse you get for the mammogram isn't the one who wanted to weigh you. roflmao.gifroflmao.gifroflmao.gif Perhaps they gave her a job because she's handicapped; they forgot to add a brain to her in the assembly line of life. biggrin2.gif
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thanks, asha


jyee- your dad an i had the same dr, very cool


phyllis, i think i'm safe - the mammogram's at a different location;but doing it in the chair should prove a challenge for some other nurse, lol

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