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just what i need...



ok, this probably is going to be a different tone than my usual entries, apologies in advance....


i've mentioned my pool t before, and that i have ptsd... well, theres this guy in the class (with arthritis, not stroke) that always stands too close, especially when behind me, pushes every one of my ptsd triggers;but i've been trying to tell myself that its just an old reaction, he wasn't going to hurt me, i was an adult now, etc, yada yada yada... people tried to tell me i was overreacting to him, etc....


well, last class he was telling me he was upset because he'd been supposed to move;but the new apartment rejected his application at the last moment.... because they'd discovered he was a registered sex offender.....


so now i'm a bit freaked about going back to class, he did say it was a class something or other felony from 11 years ago and that he can supposedly get it removed from his record by proving he completed probation - on one hand i figure it must be a lesser offense if they're willing to remove it, on the other it bothers me that it could be removed, in any case i'm going to need all my inner strength to go back to the next class, cause i'm not willing to give up my continued improvement - i'm not letting this steel any more of my life from me !!!


lol, now remind me to reread that to firm up my resolve before i go to class next week.....


i promise to be back to my usual self next entry, if i haven't scared you all away yet.... thanks for being here


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Don't let this man intimidate you...

Can you move to a different spot in the pool, or ask the instructor to move you away from him, explain he makes you uncomfortable.


You could take a little rubber ducky with you and if he gets too close squeek it at him and say your in my space.


You can do this I know you can..Look how far you've come...


you go girl!!!! smack.gif

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I can understand your anxiety about this 'gentleman'. I can 'appreciate' your anguish about returning to your 'pool classes'.


I know I will get 'hate blogs'. I don't care, but Teal, I would recommend you do the following:

* Ask the instructor to either reschedule your class or reassign you to a different 'pool spot'.


* Inform your instructor of what you know about this guy. The instructor MAY NOT know his background.


* DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT believe for a moment that this guy is telling the truth, that he will be able to have this 'charge' eridicated from his 'rap sheet' if he does 'meet' certain criteria.


* I know from experience (NO, it's not concerning me, relax) that a man who is a sex offender, DOES NOT 'change his way' of thinking. Yes, he MIGHT say that he will change, but don't 'bet the farm' that he will.


Well, I think I watch to many Cops episodes, Cold Case Files, America's Most Wanted, and Perry Mason reruns. But Teal, you are responsible for the action you take against this 'goof'.


I wish you all the luck that you can 'make the changes' to give you peace, safety and the comfort you need to attend the pool classes again.




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