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I fought the vacuum cleaner and I won



This is the second time in a few months the vacuum cleaner belt broke....


I went to the vacuum cleaner shop and I bought both belts (one for the self propelled part) figured if I have to change one might as well do both.


well the first time it took about three hours and a lot of @@##** words but I got them changed..... we don't have any close neighbors and the dogs ran outside..LOL


Last week the belt broke again....so my husband stopped they said oh, well we have a heavier duty belt..it is much better.....


AARGGGH why did they not give me that choice the first time???? for a couple more dollars..........


I have another vacuum to use (but this is "my favorite)


Well this am I changed the belt AGAIN this time only took about 45 minutes.. and probably more screws taken out than needed (was very careful to put them in little piles) and hoped I could remember where they went.....and while I had it apart cleaned out inside underneath....


well I got all the screws back..no left over ones (relief) and plugged it in and held my breath and turned it one.........YEAH


I have just vacuumed the house...and it is working as good as new...... cleaning.gif


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lol BONNIE!!!!!!!


i hate everything mechanical because it gives me a headache!!!!!

i probably just would have used a broom!!!!!!!!



lol roflmao.gif

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Guest lwisman


Congratulations on getting the vacuum put back together right and working.


This type of job has been beyond me since my stroke eight years ago. Before my stroke I could assemble anything. Only in the last six months have I successfully put anything together (a cookbook rack and a shower caddy). I was very very proud of myself.


Having a stroke can really scramble your brain in its ability to follow the directions, put everything together in the right order and not have left over screws.


Congrats again! Happy vacuuming.

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