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My what a month it has been



The month of August has not been good to me. It started off well enough. On August 3, I was about to leave for work when I felt a dizzy spell.


I decided that me driving with a dizzy spell was not a good thing so I called in sick. Later on in the morning (about 9am), I started feeling dizzy, couldn't concentrate, felt disoriented, and felt a tingling sensation in the top of my head.


I knew that these were not normal symptoms so my wife and I went to the ER. When I got to the ER, the Doctors there started concentrating on all the wrong issues such as my blood sugar readings (Yes, I am hypoglycemic but that is under control.) Once I finally got across to Abbott and Costello, they started looking at other things like "How long were you out in the hot sun sir????"


"How about I wasn't outside in the hot sun you twit!!!!!"


Then they did the blood work.


At last they found something they could "attack".


"Sir, Your Potassium is low. You are lucky you don't have post nasal drip." lol_2.gif


"Yeah, lucky me!!!!! You went to medical school how long to come up with that....."


I guess I shouldn't be so hard on Abbott and Costello. They did do some things right. They did order a CT Scan. That is something you should do if want to rule out or consider stroke or not.


They discharged me and when I saw my paperwork I was pretty ticked off when I saw the diagnosis of Migraine.


"MIGRAINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who the {fill in the blank with an appropriate or inappropriate for that matter adjective} was the {fill in the blank} that decided that!!!!!!!!!!!!


Liz and I got of there as quickly possible.


We decided we would get an appointment with a real doctor instead of Abbott and Costello. I had seen a specialist at the Medical College of Ohio. We called and I was able to get a follow up appointment with the same neurologist last Monday.


That appointment was a mixed blessing. They believed me for one thing which is a pleasant change from Abbott and Costello. The downside is I have to get a referral to a stroke neurologist. That appointment is 9/8/2005.


More to come... beer.gif



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good lord !!!!!!!!


seems like every doctor you get is in the funny papers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

how frustrating. lets me know why it's called a "practice". jeez louise what a moNth, AND IT ISN'T EVEN HALF OVER!!!!!!!!






KIM Good-Luck.gifGood-Luck.gif

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