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Bees may not have a mob but Yellow Jackets do



I saw hostMichael's Blog entry yesterday asking the question whether Bees had a mob or not?


The other night, I think it was Friday, I went outside and my wife wanted to show me something. What she wanted to show me was that there were tens, no there were hundreds, no were thousands, no there were MILLIONS of Yellow Jackets that had decided that my house would be a nice home for the Yellow Jacket family.


What the Yellow Jacket family didn't realize is that I had some bug spray left over from the last time I had dealt with them.


About that time, my daughter and her male friends came over. They had to show how macho they were and they had much quicker reflexes and they were much younger and not having had a stroke, I let them have the pleasure of battling the Yellow Jackets. beer.gifbeer.gifbeer.gif


I am not stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! biggrin2.gifgleam.giflol_2.gif


The kids did take care of the Yellow Jackets for the most part. Now they and I are involved in guerilla activity. I took out about 10 of those guys today in a suprise raid on their newest nest behind our shutter.





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i'm glad you have the insight to let the "macho" boys get stung instead of yourself!!!!! lol. the LAST thing you need are a thousand bee stings to add to the list !!!!!!!!!! WHO KNOWS WHAT TYPE OF DOCTOR YOU'D GET TO TREAT THAT!!!!!! lol. instead of dr feel good and laurel and hardy, you could get the three stooges!!!!!!!!! "ey, looks like it might be a bee sting???"



do you remember enough about living in alabama to put wet tobacco on a sting? it'll draw the stinger right out.



kim pash.gifpash.gifpash.gif

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