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I think I may be pushing my poor damaged brain to the limit. I've so much on my plate- all at once. My jobs are not fitting together as those I had pre this stroke. I used to be able to decide a direction and do several jobs in one location- such as north of my home. Now I no longer can; there isn't the flexibility I used to have. On any given day I must go north and south. Not too good with gas the price it is.


Working on getting money to fund my home. It's like getting blood from a stone. And even the home now is in the hands of a different dealership.


I'm supposed to be taking an extra pill for a month and somehow the time passes and I have to adjust the times or skip around; never had to.


Even my little dog caused concern. For some reason, she had a bad tummy and was "going" from both ends. I'm not even thinking of stepping in wrong places in the dark or the clean-up (must do a better job of this) Thank goodness, she seems better. Perhaps all of my troubles rubbed off on her. She seems to have the same personality as her "mom"- hyper.


With this and more, I'm trying to do "what I have to".


I have used an ATM for years. Remembering my PIN has never been a problem. Even if it was, I have it written down as I once read - as an address in my address book. I had to make a deposit and had to buy a box for a project, so I finally made my trip (a little distance from home) and started at the bank's ATM. Unlike the day before when I was making a withdrawal (forgot my deposit) I got a parking place right in front of the machine. I walked up to the machine and it "wasn't working" but there was no sign to this effect. So, I went up to a teller to get her to deposit my checks and mentioned that the ATM wasn't working. She said, let me check so I can get it fixed and outside we went. As she walked up, I said all I get is pictures and ads and she asks- "Where is your card?" The lightbulb exploded!. It was in my pocket and I never thought about having to put it in the machine. Now that is bad. I'd like to blame it on my problem, the extra pill's effect, anything.....then maybe, I'm just loosing it.


There is a thread of good news though. After 2 plus years, I see great improvement in my handwriting (usine my affected hand) I never had perfect penmanship but my signature looked like an adults not a second grader's. Guess we must find happiness where we can .....and can't "use" the ATM. Believe me, I was so embarrassed! roflmao.gif


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You shouldn't be embarrassed about the ATM incident. I got cash out from my account last Sun., and didn't discover until Tues. when I went to get gas that my card was missing. I was sure I had taken it back out of the machine on Sun., and was prepared to accuse someone of stealing it from me, when I decided to call the bank to find out how to cancel the debit card. Sure enough, I had left it in the machine and they are set to suck it back in if you don't retrieve it within 20 seconds, and they destroy them so you have to order a new one. Thank God, I checked the bank first before I made a total ass of myself accusing someone of stealing it.




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boy can i relate!!!!! i have WAY too much on my plate as well. i think this stems from wanting to be "me" again. but i have come to realize THIS IS ME NOW!!!! yesterday, i went to a house to appraise in the neighborhood where i grew up. didn't cross my mind to look at a map.


i got SO turned around i had to call my office to get someone to pull it up on mapquest!!!!!!!! unfortunately that "someone" who answered the phone was my father( i try to hide this stuff from him) and he's like" that's only two streets over where you lived you 18 years!!!!!" i made some excuse about how i was tired, but i think he knows.


oh, and btw, i did a similar thing trying to put a chevron card in a bp station pump and complained it wouldnt work till it was pointed out to me.!!!!!!!


been there done it!!!


kim pash.gifpash.gifpash.gif

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I too have had these moments....

when I first started driving, I think I would be so focused on driving I would forge to get off at the exit I wanted....

My husband sent me for pizza and on the way back I sort of got lost...

I have lived in this town since 1976..not totally lost just had to take other streets...he said did you get lost and I smiled a crooked smile and said sort of...

I went to pay for my prescriptions with debit card and could not remember my pin...have since written it down in my address book in my birthday section....(ended up writting a check)...after getting flustered ....


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You are an inspiration to all of us no matter what.


I hope I can still be working at your age.


I forget to pay for gas at the self serve gas bars,I have done it

several times.Now i can use post stroke as mt excuse.


Take Care

Lorraine cloud9.gif





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This is years ago when I was going through a very bad time with pms or whatever I will call it. I went to the bank to check my account and asked a new teller that I had never seen how much I had in the account and she said I didn't have one there. I knew I had ample somewhere but couldn't remember the account number so started crying and had to walk out ...how embarrassing I think she is now our personal account manager.

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