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City planners - Duh!



Did you ever think how the street you live on got it's name? Probably not. You know how infamous I am for getting lost. I should stay out of Palm Coast, Fl, It's a new section- maybe 5 to 10 years old and they planned it to be ultra nice. You don't see the Walmart, Home Depot etc- well not unless you look through the trees and a block away. The main drag goes east and west- divided. So if you have to be on the other side you have to go through a cut through street. Some are short distances but other divisions belly out and you wonder where you are going. There's a huge post office hidden there! But to go on to topic.


In Palm Coast, you don't say I live in (name of an area of homes built by same developer such as Seabridge, Coquina Key etc.) - you live in "C" section or "S" section. That means all streets are named with the same first letter. But where are the sections? Guess you have to live there to know.


I used to live in a town that was alphabetical east and west, north and south. You had to know which of the same letter went which way. Then of course there were duplicate lettters etc. but it was pretty easy to give drivers directions when stopped while walking the dog.


Now, when I move, I'm going to an area (forget that the subdivison is called Daytona North- it isn't near Daytona and in a different county), but the streets are named for trees and shrubs etc. My property is on Hickory Street. No, of course there isn't a hickory tree for miles and miles. Don't think they grow in the area- we had one one the next block in NJ- this is Florida. Actually though it is fitting for me to live there- a nut tree street! roflmao.gifroflmao.gifroflmao.gif


So what is the name of your street? Also nutty? Who thinks of this?


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Good one Phyllis - at least they don't name your streets after former developers who made millions cheating people and building crappy subdivisions that are now falling apart.





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Around here streets are named for the original owner of the land when it was bought or auctioned to be made into a subdivision. A friend of mine auctioned off his land after his mom died, so the main street in the subdivision is named Whiteford St.



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It will be easy to remeber the name of your street.


The city of Ottawa has been made a mega city and all the adjoining municipalities


have become one City.Many streets have same name and are gradually being changed to other names if and when there are duplicates. What a mess this has been.


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