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Burp! Burp!



As many of you know, I am a field merchandiser. I supplement this work doing audits, demos and mystery shopping. Today, I did the latter.


With medical and drug bills as they are, going out to eat, even and "Chez Burger" (BK) or "Mickey D's" (that other place) doesn't give us much chance of eating out. Food at those places isn't cheap anymore either. So my assignment for today was a delight. I had to eat lunch at Picadilly Cafeteria and I could spend $20.00 (with or without a friend) There was no pay but I will be reimbursed for my expense. I had to have salad/soup, entree, vegetable, bread, dessert and beverage. I chose a mixed salad (it was huge and had tomato wedges, cucumbers and onions, cheese, croutons and 3 times more dressing than you usually get). I could have had roast beef but decided to have fried chicken which is a favorite of mine. It was a meaty breast and a wing, a roll, kernel corn, lemon refrigerator pie and coke. As I was walking to the checkout to get my bill, I man asked "Are you alone?" I didn't know him, but I said "Yes". He replied "You must be hungry!" I had all I could do to keep from laughing and "spilling the beans". The tray was heavy and it was a good thing that I didn't fill my beverage glass all the way up. My "not so good hand and my balance could have caused a disaster. I found a booth in the back that was peaceful and quiet and where I could observe everything. I ate it all! Burp! Burp! I am a glutton!


The reason I'm writing this article is that this is something we all can do. It's lunch out, and you get to be with people instead of sitting at home. The internet is full of these jobs - you just have to search, find and apply, but do not pay to register. nono.gif Who would expect a stroker to be a mystery shopper. Burp! Burp! Excuse me! bouncesmile.gifhappydance.gifroflmao.gif


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My niece had a job as a mystery shopper for several years. She just loved it! Sometimes she was even ordered to pick a fit about something to see how the cashiers handled the complaint. Neat job.



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Being paid for eating out sounds like my dream job! I left the work force to look after Ray, thinking at first (as we all do) that it would just be a few months and we'd both be back to work.

If I go back to work ever, mystery shopper seems like a fabulous job.


PS Take some indigestion tablets along next time!

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That must be a great job,mystery shopper.


I have not been able to locate where that work would be in Canada.


There are often e-mails and ads on internet for this work in U.S.


I must say I do eat out alone since I stroked. That is something I would not have


done pre stroke. It is great also how decent people stir up conversations when


you are alone.


Phyllis,like I said before,you are an inspiration to all of us on this site.


Take care

Lorraine cloud9.gif

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