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Happy I'm Here



I am so new to all of this and it scares me sometimes. Taking care of people is what I think I was put here on earth for. There was a time that I was lost and didn't know what direction to turn. Now, even though it is tough, I know what I am suppose to be doing. I am happy to be here and alive. Everyone in this sight have welcomed me like a lost family member and I am overwhelmed. cloud9.gif It is easy for me to help others but, very hard for me to let others help me. I am not sure if it is pride or trust, but I will continue to work on that. blush.gif


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I'm a caregiver by nature as well as in a practical sense and when I've been sick myself have found it hard to ask for help too.

Just keep on interacting with others here and you can both help and be helped, without any obligation. Great eh?


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Welcome to our blog community, MM. It will make your chat experiences even better too, to know what all is going on in the lives of us other hardcore bloggers and chatters.



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i feel EXACTLY the way you do about being uncomfortable letting others help me. but there comes a time, when we have to realize, we need help too sometimes, us "givers" in general that is. once you allow that to happen, a strange thing takes place, at least for me. it opens up your heart MORE, and makes you that much more of a giver!!!!!! ah!!! the circle of life.


my best sweetie

kim pash.gifpash.gifpash.gif

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