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counting down



well 12 days to go. The craziness of school is starting soon. Got the supplies bought and bagged up, got half the school clothes bought, need more and gotta get lunch boxes and hit the school picnic to meet the teacher. The damn braces are on da kid and the big deposit to my eternally vacationing ortho!



Not going to be the cakewalk it was last year. LOVED the teachers..


This year one child is going to be in a 7th grade class with the a non-God believing (who likes to make everyone aware of his nonbeliefs and doesn't hold back) environmental extremeist who will literally yell kids off of walking on ANY grass because "they are alive too", me being a former master gardener who had won a round of applause once in class for stating I was out to ELIMINATE as much grass as possible on my acre with garden beds, is gonna have a test this year with how high I can hold my temperment in. Not to mention he (I've heard) he will go way out of his way to catch flies and carry them outside. I wonder if its in the winter (cold here) he builds them an indoor habitat?


GOD HELP ME TO KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT-NINE MONTHS IT IS GOING TO BE VERY TOUGH-THE OTHER "TEST" WILL BE IN SEPT The school wants them on a environmental/team building (forcing kids to be friends with who them judge not friend material) on a trip to a camp-like thing for a week and my baby (youngest child) will then have her 13th birthday with the class and not her family - I'm so tired of feeling like schools are trying to force kids away from their family base at a younger and younger age...


ON the flip side my 8th grader will have his wonderful tough man teacher who he had last year, who plans on a 12 day trip (they will be SO sick of each other by then) this spring to wash dc and the appl. trails and stuff. I think it will be an educational year for him.



The other thing with the 7th grader is the way the class got divided, the man teacher in that class has a certain young gal (who I'm so (NOT)as to be having her chasing my 8th grader son, ha) who is so pretty/blond/tall (read nightmare) and could pass for 18 not 13 if she wanted, seems this teacher last year seemed so mesmerized by her, that quite a few of the kids in the class felt he let her run the show in this class. THEY SAY- NO ONE SAYS NO TO KELLY-UGH I've seen her basically act friendly to my daughter to gain access to my son.


Any one gotta a hole I can crawl in for the next nine months?? yikes.gifwank.gif


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You have my sympathy. I don't think I could handle living with teenagers!! Cinder and I are hoping to go into the federal witness protection program some day. Maybe you should join our quest to get invited in.



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why can't it be like when we were growing up. a NORMAL school year. didn't start till after labor day, 2 weeks at christmas, and 3 months in the summer, 1 week spring break, this business of 3 weeks here, 1 week there, starting in august, etc, makes me insane. in addition, all of the schools around here public and private are allowed to make their own schedules. IT IS SO CONFUSING.



kim roflmao.gif

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I just sent the 14 yr old back to the bathroom to REALLY brush his teeth to go to the office with dad this morniing. Of course he likes me as much as his principle. Then it dawned on me how when he was eight I really worked to build a good relationship with his dad which now he has, but I didn't bother to build one for me with da kid, now I'm the gestopo who he think lives to catch his evasions of whatever. I feel like I'm paying 125.oo a month to have the kid come out with teeth that look like the snowplow driver from snowday. (It's his fault I have to pay today to cover those grey hairs.)


I've decided girls and boys have their trade offs. Girls never do things that are harmful to themselves but they do like dramas. Boys never drama, but he got a medical file filled with stitches and x-rays...



Where do I sign up for the witness program...


Sometimes I do catch myself how many years do I have to go of this! God give me the days when they were 8 and 6..... bop.gif

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