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Well, everyone has to start somewhere. So here it is, my very first blog.

As you would realise if you've read my postings I have cared for Ray for over six years now. He had major strokes in 1999, 41/2 months in hospital and live-in rehab centre. Lot of post release rehab, then a hip break in 2000, another stroke in 2001, a few falls. TIA's etc. since. He is on heaps of medication but we find that doesn't guarantee a life with no further strokes.

Life here is good as long as Ray is healthy and stable. When he isn't life- both his and mine - undergoes some changes. When he has a further TIA or whatever the event is diagnosed as, I get edgy and our life together goes wonky for a while.

Our life has been an interesting one and here isn't the place to tell you all about it - well not all at once. We have been married 37 years, have three children and three grandchildren so a lot to show for it. I love all my family very much and you will probably find out a lot about them as time goes by.

I will see how much I feel able to tell you about me, our lives, our hopes and aspirations etc.

At least this is a start.


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and what a wonderful start it is!!!!!! getting your feelings out is very therapeutic. once you start, it's hard to stop!!!!!!




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