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Went to the doctor with Ray today. Ray had had two falls one on Thursday which just shook him up, one on Saturday which resulted in a sore back. He rarely complains of pain so if he says it is sore it probably is, though no sign of bruising, grazing etc. I gave him pain-killers yesterday and thought a visit to the doctor was warranted today.


The doctor said the falls may be due to an increasing ischaemic area beyond the damage caused by the strokes. Ray is to have a CT scan ( he had his last in April) and xrays on his back tomorrow. What I want to do is stop this damage from increasing. I want Ray be more careful with his walking, to do more exercise, stand more and sit less, stop sleeping 14 hours a day (his choice). What I don't want is for Ray to slowly deteriorate until my only choice is a nursing home.


I so admire the feisty survivors who will themselves better. My poor old fellow just wants to sink into the ground and unfortunately that is exactly what will happen to him if he doesn't start to climb out of his inertia.

I have asked about anti-depressants but the doctor says that is not the answer. I wish I knew what the answer was, or even where to look for it.

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Sue, you may have to lead the way in exercising. Get involved slowly by asking him if you can exercise his arms, legs, while lying in bed. a little daily or every other day. Then with you helping, some sit-ups with you helping from the foot of the bed. You reach for his hands or wrist and gently help him sit-up, about 5 or 6 times, twice a day.


On balance, right beside the bed, have him face you, do knee bends holding hands slowly down and back up about 3 times. About 3 times a day. That will break up his 14 hours in bed and he'll feel better. My wife and I do it daily. Thats about the only time we get close, smile!!!

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