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The Future Assistant



I am so excited! A server from my work asked if she could be our homemaker assistant!


I was talking to a few of the servers at close one night, just chit chat, and talked about trying to find someone to help with Patrick and Brandon this school year. I had asked her if she would be able to put up a notice at her school, and she started asking me about what I needed. She said she was interested in it, and after talking about the hours and pay she decided yesterday she wanted to do it.


In order for her to do this, she has to quit my work- absolutly no fratinization is allowed, and needless to say, I need my job. So she officially put in her two week notice yesterday. She has another job, so she is hoping to work more hours there to make up for the paycut she would be taking. The best thing about this is SHE is excited about doing it.


Basically, she will work with Patrick on his speach homework, and with Brandon on his schoolwork. Brandon's schoolwork was the most worrisome for me because in years past, Patrick had always been able to help him. Brandon has ADD and has SERIOUS trouble staying on track 90% of the time. The assistant is going to school for special ed so I think this is an excellent match. She wants to help them both and is doing it for the personal reward obviosly not the cash. I am paying her an additional $40 per work week to help Brandon, which when I think to how frustrated I can get, it's a bargain. (I think sometimes it's easier to loose patience with your own child faster than someone elses kid).


She is a very laid back person who I think will add a resfreshing air to our house. She won't sit on her *beep* watching TV (and Not Talking to anyone) like the last assistant did. She has a car and would be able to take them places if they all wanted to go somewhere (last one-no car either). I am going to take the boys in to eat there when she is working next week so they can all meet before she starts.


I am glad we are ALL so excited!!!




She's cute too, so I am sure that won't hurt the boys to have around, either!


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