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MIA manager



We have a manager at work who has been with the company about 5 months, three months as a manager trainee, two as a manager. He has about 15-20 yeas experience as a restaurant manager. I think he might come up missing soon and I will have to plea the 5th.


He is an "old school' manager who does not care what the crew thinks or feels, speaks to them in a way to intimidate them, has a 'it's my way or the highway' mentality and is generally out to get my hosts, who average the age of 17. 17 year olds do not have to pay rent and will not work someplace they hate. My hosts are very good actually- he just does not like the way it runs (company standard) and doesn't UNDERSTAND how it works, therefore he screws it up and then blames them.


If someone tries to argue or question a decision he's made, he tells them "I wouldn't have a job if I talked to MY boss that way." He goes to other employees and says that the hosts don't know what they are doing and if he has anything to do about it, we will be getting new ones. He is proud and would never admit to an employee he was wrong, but will badger someone into admitting he was right- even if they don't feel that way.


He has been on vacation and it has been nice. Today he is back and I don't even want to look at him after the way he left before his vacation started. Actually, his vacation started before he left- on his last shift, he left without having done anything. I was there till midnight simply because I had to do all the things he 'forgot' to do. I have talked to my boss and my boss's boss and they will address it with him AGAIN. I doubt it will help though. I don't think he is capable of changing, he is too opinionated and stuck in his "I can BS my way outa anything" ways.


I may be late for work today just so I only have to spend an hour or less with him before he goes home for the day. The down side would be that there is an excellent chance I will once again have to do what he didn't when I get there, and that's hard to get caught up on once the dinner rush starts. I don't care. It would be worth it just to not have to stand in front of him and be professional when I really want to bash his knees in with a metal pole and then clock him one in the mouth. I am calling him and telling him I am gonna be late. Better late than sorry!

Kristen (cue ROCKY music)




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Thanks for the bad memories.


"I've been doing this for 12 years, so I KNOW more you do!".


Great, so when I'm here for 12 years, I can be a complete moron too? YAY


biggrin.gif I feel for you



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