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Modern Day Inventions



Can you just imagine how we ever got along without some of these inventions like the personal computer and electricity. With hurricanes and other natural disasters in certain regions, I'm surprised every household doesn't have a portable generator available when the power is out.


From a straw broom and dust pan to remote vaccum. Free TV with your own antenna on the roof to digital play and pay to see anything. Its not cheap. What about the price of TV's today. We are going to need one to see anything sooner or later.


Microwave ovens, electric tooth brushes, can openers and other appliances. Did you imagine these inventions 50 years ago?? Did you ever think the price of a car today would exceed the price of a home from years ago???


Caregivers and survivors lets put our minds together and come up with a way to prevent the number of strokes we are having in the world today. We can become inventors. It worked for Polio from years ago. Today we don't hear of many born with or suffering from Polio.


They put computers in cars now there is no room under the hood for owners to work with tools. The light comes on saying check your engine soon. Off we go to the dealer with $100. in hand to have the mechanic turn it off. Inventions, are they great or what?? I think my brain is trying to work again. bouncesmile.gif Well if not, atleast I think so.



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I think modern day inventions are wonderful, as long as they work properly. I couldn't be without my coffee machine. That is one invention I'd never give up.


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