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Non Medical Thoughts In My Mind



I've been trying to exercise my mind lately. Just trying to think better, more and constructive. What comes to mind is the rehab therapists saying if you don't use it you loose it. I believe that. Like learning to walk initially. They teach to hike your hip to raise your leg and foot.


I'm back in therapy now(16 visits so far)and I'm learning to bend the knee, raise the foot let the heel hit first, come on thru with the strong hip and leg. It feels great doing it that way.


Now, I'd be the first one to say with exercise, use of the weak side, daily routine stuff, that we should not regress. Physically we don't but I now think our brain cells in some form or fashion can in some way, somehow for whatever reason cease to function at the rate they did a few months earlier.


I hope to obtain the medical explanation from my neuro Dr on my 2nd appt in two months. Meanwhile my non medical thoughts are that yes it can happen. I'd be the first to admit it now, when before in a post I replied to, my comment was that regression can't happen.


In my case my walking ability seems to be getting less and less daily. I can't feel the support in my leg and arm I could months ago. My hand is not acting like it used to. My thoughts are it's happening in the brain not my physical non-use, but the brain is causing me to not be able to do the things I used to do.


My mind is working overtime trying to determine whats going on with my body in a physically sense. I can still Do, just less Control. Thats why I think it must be brain cells getting weaker or more have died.


Anyway a blog is the place to vent your thoughts. I'm not asking for opinions or pity, its was just something on my mind I had to let go. I'm still very glad to be alive after the stroke I had.


By the way, Coretta scott King( widow of MLK, Jr) suffered a stroke a couple days ago according to the world news on CNN TV. That will be another blog another day. With a name like King, I couldn't miss that. My mind does wonder why she never got remarried like Jackie O (kennedy) and others did. We may never know. blahblah1.gif

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Hi Fred,


No one has mentioned Coretta King's stroke on the message board so you might want to consider putting your thoughts about her there instead of in your blog.





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