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dealing with death



Yet another close friend rang and told me her mother-in-law is dying. I know they ring because they know I can cope with the news and they want to tell someone.


I trained to be a hospital chaplain but due to a lot of circumstances never ever got to do that work. I did do a stint as a volunteer hospital visitor and I guess that really prepared me for some of the work I do as a caregiver. I am no stranger to hospitals as most of you know.


Sometimes I wish people would ring me with their good news instead of their bad news. Then I could put on my excited voice and yell: "Yippee! Great! Fantastic! Wow! Congratulations!" That is nicer than having to put on my sad voice and saying"Oh dear, so sad, what a pity, must be hard for you."

Not that I am not sincere in all of this, I just want to get the HAPPY news sometimes.

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I felt the same way this past year with all the deaths in the family. But I also know that in many cases the deaths were a peaceful end to alot of pain and suffering, or a quick end to a life that may have resulted in a lot of pain and suffering and that helps me to see it in a whole different light. I have a poem that I have sent out many times to friends and family when someone has died, it's called "When Tomorrow Starts Without Me." It was very well written and I have no idea who the author was but I want it read at my own memorial service some day. I want people to udnerstand when I am gone that it is a "Happy" time for me and not a time for anyone to be sad. If you'd like a copy of it, PM me and I'll send it.




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