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weekend bummer



experienced a terrible weekend. I find it really bothersome easily I become overwhelmed by the simplest things. First my cell phone went on the blink. Now never having had a cell phone until 2 years ago I didn


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i've been round and round with cingular too lately!!!!!!! first, my NEW phone just quits. ok, i dropped it in some water, but when i went to get it replaced at the store, my warranty was TWO DAYS PAST THE DATE I COULD GET ANOTHER ONE IN STORE!!!!!!!!



i had to make a big stink, but finally got another one. it, screws up all the time too!!!!!!i get messages hours after they are sent, etc. CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW????? LOL


and at least you HAVE your glasses after you sat on them. i couldn't find mine for like hours. when i did finally find them, i stepped on them (cat had dragged them off). so i feel your pain there too. no sister cut her fingers off, so i can't relate to that.


sorry your weekend was so crummy.




kim pash.gifpash.gifpash.gif

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Just remember things could always be worse!! And usually is with someone if we could look around.


Go to www.cingular.com, you can do wonders for anything with your phone. I pay my bill, view my minutes, order a battery etc. even ring tones or what ever.


My thoughts are don't get depressed, man, thats another pill to take. Stay relaxed, there is always a way out, especially if we got in. There are some exceptions always, but I don't see us as survivors killing anybody.

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We all have bad days/weekends.The bright side of that is there is always another day or weekend to do better. I know I'm being Mary Poppins again, but bad stuff happens to us all, you don't have the market cornered on bad stuff.It is good you blog to keep all this in perspective. That is important.

I'll let you in on a secret I have.... lately I have been having a awful time just functioning and getting through each week. I frequently feel, why bother? And do you know what I use to get through and continue on? The thought of you. Ever since I met you, you have been battling depression and fighting for your recovery. I know, cause I was right beside you many times. Well when life gets me down, I blow it off and think of you and you inspire me. I think if Clark can deal with this every single day, I can too.




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