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The newest model



Well lets all give a big hand to the design team. The newest model is ready to be on the market. But remember this is a new untested model, there may need to be some tweaking done here and there.

That is just the endless chatter I have in my head at the moment regarding myself. Yes, I've been undergoing some soul searching and re-evaluating my life. So what it all boils down to is an Ala Carte menu, my choices of personality traits I like or loathe. And I need to thank the three people who have stood by my side as I have proceeded with this process, I couldn't have done it without them. Two of them have so much more patience and wisdom then I do. Thank you Mom and Steve. Well Peter, you aren't left out either, I thank you too.

Where I end up after here, that is all unknown,but I feel better prepared for the journey.


PS. I needed a really good reason to get off page three!


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Don't miss Clark's comment on your last blog. I second what he said.


And thanks for the compliment up above but you are doing your own "sorting" I'm just listening to you shuffle through your choices. biggrin.gif





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I never knew you prestroke, I only got to know you poststroke, and I admire all the qualities you got,so I am wondering which qualitie about you, yu don't like, i any caseI m sure newst model will be more lovely than old model, hey and write little often in your blogs, I missed you sorely, and hey who is Peter, is he the one you fell for, one lucky fellow



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I quite like you the way you have been over the past 2 yrs. Is that the old model or new model giggle.gif


You go girl. I am glad you have had support around you

My best wishes



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Nope, didn't know I had reached a momentous occasion till just now. It kind of slid right by me- stroke moment or blond moment, take your pick. At least I have kept at blogging to reach my 100th entry, I didn't think I would. I thought I'd fizzle out sooner.


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