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I have a new job. Putting one liners on our church bulletin board. Now if you think it is easy it has only been three weeks and I am already out of ideas. They have to be serious, not too frivolous now or people don't think about them. That is what it is all about, being thought provoking.Mind you I have seen some pretty dreadful ones on Other People's boards. Life is a bit of a challenge isn't it? Always something new to do.

Hey you lucky people in the US, you are complaining about gas (petrol) prices at around $2.60 a gallon? We pay $1.12 (AUS) per litre! And that is supposed to be world parity. So I look at every journey I make to see if that is really what I want to do with my money. Extra trip to the shops, no we'll think of something else to cook. Extra doctor's appointment? Unavoidable that one. Extra invitation to a party (okay I am fantasizing now).

Ray and I have been taking things easy. That means I am allowing him extra time at home. He went without the pain killers for the back pain all day yesterday and just took the night dose. The same today. Maybe the pain is getting better or he is tolerating it more, who knows?

Did some gardening this afternoon, the ground is so pitifully dry, the bush must be tinder dry too so there will be bush fires all summer if the rain doesn't come soon. I use tank water for the garden, bucket by bucket. Not much good for growth but stops plants from dying.

I think my brain is in drought today too. Not many thoughts there.



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i know how you feel when you mentioned your brain is in a drought!!!! i used to get "BRAIN STORMS", now i'm lucky and happy to get a "BRAIN PARTLY CLOUDY" !!!!!!! i'm glad ya'll are able to take it easy. what kind of one liners are you working on for your bulletin?


KIM pash.gifpash.gif

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Religious stuff:

"Get to know God here" that kind of thing. I can fit about 8 - 10 words in. We used to use the board for meeting dates but now just use it as an eye-catcher.

Thanks for your interest.

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