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a hopeful day




We had a phone call today to ask would I like to take a cancelled appointment to have Ray see the neurologist tomorrow morning instead of 13th October? "Yes, please," I said. Then thought oh dear I should be teaching Religious Education at that time. But you can't use time twice and I do want another opinion on why Ray is still having strokes so - sorry kids, see you next week.

Had my Mum home for lunch today and she paced in and out of the house for a while and then settled down in an easy chair and listened to some music. I am not a technical person by any means but have figured out that I can use computer discs with photos on in the DVD player and they show a slide show on my TV. I combine this with a tape in the tape player and voila! pictures with music. I think Mum was watching it sometimes, her foot was tapping to the music. She has a little toneless whistle but today adapted pretty well to some of the tunes.

I had the same trouble as last time taking her back, I always have to get someone to come out to the car and coax her out. I do enjoy our time together but I am real tense and let out a sigh of relief as I see her safely back into the dementia lodge.

Had a phone call from a friend this evening, a long phone call full of good news as his oldest son's partner had a daughter today. His oldest son is 40 and this is his first child so BIG news. He and his wife are terrific grandparents so the new little girl, Amber Charlotte, will be a very warmly welcomed child.

I still feel pretty happy about the day. smile.gifsmile.gif



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