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family and pumpkin soup



We had a good day today. The kids and grandkids came and we managed to have a very harmonious day. We were supposed to go to a local beauty spot and barbecue but the rain came, only light and about an hour in all but enough to make sitting on the grass impractical. Never mind, it didn't matter, I cooked heaps of meats, had some salad prepared and added side dishes and there was plenty. The 'boys' washed up after lunch so peace for a short time.

Good to see the littlies playing together, very few tears. Our littlest looked cute and if you look in the gallery there is a new photo of her and Ray taken today!

Tonight Ray went to bed tired out, and I cooked pumpkin soup, a family favourite but destined for the church lunch tomorrow. We are farewelling a lovely couple who are moving to Sydney to be closer to family in their old age (not much older than Ray and I!) but I understand they need to be close to at least some of the family. Ray survives the family visits well, is never cross with the littlies unless they have a long crying spell. He just loves to have our children drop by. They understand now that Pa thinks a lot more of them than he can express.


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