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Gas Prices!



I am sick of being so car dependent and lazy. Oil has made America such an obese Nation. I am all for walking pushing shopping carts and rebuilding towns to be walker friendly instead of spread all over, b/c Hey, we can drive there!


I am protesting to myself, and tomorrow. I am going to walk my daughter to school and walk to pick her up.


It is only 1 1/2 mile round trip, which should give me 3 miles of walking in a day. Not bad. I will not have to fight motorist traffic, I should enjoy the gift of walking I have back, and enjoy life by getting out. I will drive on cold and or wet days!!


Until then, we are walking:) I'll let you know how long my kick last.




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that's great, I hate being so dependent on car for everything since everything is so far away, I hope this car prices will push america to become public transport friendly



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